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Gdlaser promote the 2017 6th session Chinese lithium new energy industry ecological conference

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This grand meeting is jointly organized by the electric vehicle online and  lithium battery big data and held ceremoniously in the Shenzhen East-Sea LangTing Hotel starting point  with Research Institute association  & using "the new policy、 the new technology、 the new normal" as the theme. It opened in August 17th and successfully closed on August 18th with "lithium battery new energy industry the leader award ceremony after the new energy automobile industry & lithium battery new energy industry two special meeting. 
      For promoting the development of new energy industry of Chinese lithium battery , GDlaser exclusive title sponsor of the conference to provide a platform for the exchange & discussing the development of industry with industry elite. 


Lu Xiaobing, Sales director , made a keynote speech on thinking of the power battery intelligent manufacturing's modularization & standardization



Lu Xiaobing, Sales director was invited to the round table

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