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GDlaser Honored with 2016 Pride Power Annual Excellent New Supplier

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Recently, Pride Power held 2017 Supply Chain Partner Conference in Yizhuang, Beijing。 The topic of this conference was “New Opportunity, New Challenge, Group Cohesion, Winning Future” and more than 40 suppliers all over China were invited。 We reviewed the past 2016 that we had gone through together and planned for the next 2017 that filled with opportunity and challenge。
       Executive Vice President, Huai Yang, represents Pride Power to express thanks to supplier partners’ long-term trust and full support. He indicated that with the quick change of industry policy and market demand in 2016 and full support from supplier partners, Pride Power created a historic breakthrough in production value of 4-billion yuans as well as investment. 
       In the conference, those suppliers that had made great contributions in lead time, product quality and supporting service were honored。 Among them, GDlaser was granted as 2016 Pride Power Annual Excellent New Supplier。

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