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Laser pole ear cutting machine

Laser pole ear cutting machine

1.Strong adaptability: it can adapt to different shapes of the pole ear cutting, 
    more convenient and fast for use; 
2.Fast cutting speed: cutting speed is more than 60m/min; 
3.Small burr: cutting burr is less than or equal to 7um; 
4.Cutting heat affected zone is very small; 
5。Laser long service life can reach 100 thousand hours later; 
6.Equipment free maintenance after sale; 
7。Automatic pick belt reeling with reel tape correcting function; 
8.Linear array with CCD detection.



Arbitrary lug

Pole piece width 300mm~350mm


Roll diameter


Inner diameter of coiling core

Interchangeable 3inch 6inch  

Roll weight


Equipment parameters

Cutting speed


Accumulative error on  length 

direction of single pole


Lug width precision accuracy


Lug height precision accuracy


Lug gap precision accuracy


Lug cutting burrs


Laser cutting wavy edge




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